Lepidolite and Rainbow Obsidian Bracelet

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Lepidolite is sometimes referred to as the "peace stone" or "grandmother stone" because it is thought to have nurturing and calming properties.  This is a gorgeous, soft healing crystal known to sooth and reduce stress and depression.   Many spiritual healers believe that Lepidolite assists in the releasing of stagnant negative energies and behaviours that are no longer serving the individual.

Lepidolite also clears electromagnetic pollution and can be placed on computers to absorb the emissions.

The Lepidolite gemstone activates the Third Eye Chakra and  the Heart Chakra.


RAINBOW OBSIDIAN is also referred to as 'Heaven Eye'.  It is a highly grounding and protective crystal.  It is a powerful stone to help you deal with negative emotions and replace them with more positive ones.  It provide balances and stability. The properties of this shimmering stone promote spiritual exploration and connection to the collective conscious.  It helps to align all Chakras.

RAINBOW OBSIDIAN will make you more connected with yourself and your emotions so that you can embrace who you really are and be comfortable in your own skin.

RAINBOW OBSIDIAN is associated with the Root Chakra.

To activate this crystal, affirm: I am the butterfly flourishing into my power. 





This bracelet is handcrafted using natural gemstones and lava beads.  The crystals have been carefully sourced so they are not dyed.  Each bracelet will be infused with Reiki Energy before being shipped to you.  

Lava stones

  • are created when molten rock from a volcano cools and hardens.  Gases released produce small holes. 
  • These porous lava stones provide an excellent way to carry your essential oils with you. 
  • Simply add a few drops to the lava stones, wait for a few minutes for the oils to be absorbed, and enjoy.  The smell will last for the full day.  

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