Customized Bouquet Charms

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We can create Personalized Bouquet Charms to commemorate loved ones who could not be there on that special day! Some brides choose to add them to their bouquets and some will add a charm to the heel of a wedding shoe.  A father can be a part of 'walking his daughter down the aisle'

It cab be an emotional connection to a person that a bride would love to have present.  


This is the process:

  • You would select picture(s) that would be appropriate.
  • You would email the images and other pertinent information to:
  • We would take care of the rest: 

This would include:

  • enhancing images if needed
  • sizing images
  • printing images
  • preparing images for mounting (4 coats of Modge Podge to prevent colour bleeding)
  • mounting images
  • coating images with protective resin.  This takes around 3 days for the resin to completely cure.

I would recommend giving at least 3 weeks to complete this process, especially if shipping is required. 

You can contact me directly at if you have any questions or would like further information.