Everything Is Perfect

I was eighth of 10 children raised in the beautiful community of Logy Bay, NL. Later I was blessed with three wonderful sons, whom my husband and I raised a stone's throw away from my family home.

Family always was and continues to be very dear to me, I always considered my Mom to be my loving and dearest friend.

Mom was always there for each of us, we felt loved and supported through whatever life sent our way; sickness, disappointments or fears, she would be there like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night.

I could go on forever with great memories of Mom. I loved her so much and she taught me everything I needed to know about family, friendship, and what really matters in life.

Last summer, our rock - the star of Logy Bay - passed away after a sudden and short diagnosis. She was 95-years old. Our family was around her in her final days. Our hearts were broken, but at the same time, felt like the luckiest family in the world to have been given the gift of such a loving mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She was, without a doubt, the very best.

Recently one of my wonderful three sons gave me a gift. I opened the box to see something so special inside - a bracelet with Mom's favourite stones woven through it. The way it sparkles in the light reminds me of the way our Mom always made everyone feel; precious and beautiful in that very special way she had about her.

Months have gone by since that sad day. I often find myself standing in my living room window looking out over the road towards the house where I was raised to become the mother and grandmother that I am today.

In her final days and hours, Mom would often say to us all that, "Everything is perfect." Reflecting back on that time now and on the beauty of my keepsake, I take comfort in Mom’s words. Everything truly is perfect.

Rebecca Coady