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    • Autism Awareness Pendant
    • $42.00 CAD
      Autism Awareness Pendant This Pendant is handcrafted for Autism Awareness using red, blue, yellow, and light blue Swarovski crystals, sterling silver "puzzle piece" charm, and sterling silver components. The colours in the Autism Awareness jewellery represent the diversity of the people and families living with the condition and the brightness of the colours signals hope that through increased awareness, people with autism...
    • Devoted Heart Pendant
    • $70.00 CAD
      Devoted Heart Pendant  This Swarovski Crystal Devoted Heart Pendant contains a Clear Swarovski AB Crystal.  The AB (Aurora Borealis) refers to a special coating the Swarovski adds to select crystals.  It adds extra sparkle to these crystals.  The other components are sterling silver.  * If you would like to personalize the pendant, you can add birthstone crystals.   You can view...
    • Devoted Heart Pendant - Personalized
    • $70.00 CAD
      Devoted Heart Pendant - Personalized  This Swarovski Crystal Devoted Heart Pendant can be personalized by adding a Swarovski Crystal to represent a birthstone or a cancer-awareness colour.  The other components are sterling silver.  * If you would like the pendant with a Sterling Silver Bead instead of the crystal, please do not select a colour.  You can view a picture...
    • Essence of a Registered Nurse Pendant
    • $42.75 CAD
      The Essence of a Registered Nurse Pendant  Nurse's Appreciation Pendant This bracelet is handcrafted using Yellow, Blue, Pearl, Green, Gold and Pink Swarovski Crystals.  The other components are made of Sterling Silver, including the RN Charm.   ☼  Yellow is for the intellect you portray ☼  Blue is for the integrity you show every day ☼  Pearl is for the wisdom you...
    • Heart and Stroke Pendant
    • $26.50 CAD
      Heart and Stroke Pendant This pendant is handcrafted using a red Swarovski Crystal heart, a clear Swarovski Crystal and sterling silver components.    
    • Personalized Pendant
    • $10.00 CAD
      Personalized Pendant This Stainless Steel pendant and chain are made with Stainless Steel components and, Swarovski crystals. It can be further personalized by adding crystals to represent birthstones or other important colours.    
    • Seed of life Pendant
    • $20.00 CAD
      Seed of Life Pendant The Seed of Life is a symbol for the seven days of creation. The first step was the creation of the Octahedron. The next step was to spin the shape on its axes.  This pendant can be personalized with birthstones or other significant colours.
    • Semicolon Hope Pendant
    • $14.00 CAD
      Semicolon Hope Pendant Writers will use the semicolon to indicate their sentence could have finished, but they decided to continue. The semicolon has come to be a testament to the courage and strength of individuals who face emotional challenges, but continue on – ‘My story isn’t over yet’.   The Clear crystal represents hope – the courage to emerge out...
    • Tree of Life Pendant
    • $15.00 CAD
      Tree of Life Pendant Tree of Life 'The concept of a tree of life as a many-branched tree illustrates the idea that all life on earth is related.  It is found in many spiritual traditions around the world.  A tree of life is a metaphor for the livelihood of the spirit, and it has become a symbol of love, wisdom,...