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    • 'Be the Change' Bangle
    • $33.50 CAD
      This 'Be the Change' Bangle is designed to support anti-bullying campaigns.      Be the change you want to see in the world!   You can make a change for the better when it comes to bullying! Wear your bangle to show that you respect everyone, everywhere!  When we stand together no one stands alone!   A portion of the sales...
    • Autism Awareness Bangle
    • $44.25 CAD
      Autism Awareness Bangle This stainless steel bangle is handcrafted for Autism Awareness using red, blue, yellow, and light blue Swarovski crystals, and a sterling silver "puzzle piece" charm. The colours in the Autism Awareness jewellery represent the diversity of the people and families living with the condition and the brightness of the colours signals hope that through increased awareness, people with autism can...
    • Beach Glass Bangle
    • $40.00 CAD
      Beach Glass Bangle Each Beach Glass Bangle contains a unique piece of green, brown, blue, and white glass.  These adjustable bangles are made of stainless steel.   Gems from the Sea These pieces of beach/sea glass and pottery were collected from the shores of our Newfoundland coasts.  They were gently tumbled and polished to take off the rough edges and...
    • Big Land Twig Bangle
    • $31.75 CAD
       Big Land Twig Bangle The "Big Land" Bangle is handcrafted using Swarovski Crystals and stainless components.  The crystals are the Labrador Flag colours, Blue, Green, and White.  The pewter charm is made by Barrett Designs.     The flag of Labrador was designed by Michael S. Martin of Cartwright, Labrador. The flag is used to represent the distinction of Labrador from Newfoundland. The White bar...
    • Bridesmaid Bangle
    • $27.25 CAD
      Bridesmaid Bangle These stainless steel bangles can be customized with individual charms, Swarovski Crystals or Swarovski Pearls to create personalized gifts for the bridal party.  If you would like different colour pearls than listed, please add a note in the 'Comments' section. 
    • Happiness for Nevaeh Bangle
    • $33.25 CAD
      Happiness for Nevaeh Bangle This bangle was designed for a very special girl, Nevaeh Denine. The RUBY CRYSTALS represent NEVAEH’S Birthstone; the GOLD CRYSTALS, the Neuroblastoma that she was battling; the PINK CRYSTALS and PURPLE BUTTERFLY CHARM, her favourite colours plus a sign for life; and the TIARA CHARM, the princess that she was. Thank you for your support!
    • Personalized Bangles
    • $21.25 CAD
      Personalized Bangles These Stainless Steel adjustable bangles can be customized with Sterling Silver or pewter Charms.  Swarovski crystal(s) to represent birthstones or significant colours can be used.  Additional charms can also be added to further personalize your bangles.
    • Republic of Newfoundland Bangle
    • $31.75 CAD
      Republic of Newfoundland Bangle This bangle is handcrafted with Green, Pink, and White Swarovski Crystals, Stainless Steel components, and a Pewter Newfoundland Map charm made by Barrett Designs.  "The pink, the rose of England shows,The green St. Patrick's emblem, brightWhile in between, the spotless sheenof Andrew's cross displays the white."- Roman Catholic Archbishop, Michael F. Howley (1902)     Each...
    • Semicolon Hope Bangle
    • $35.25 CAD
         Semicolon Hope Bangle - stainless steel Writers will use the semicolon to indicate their sentence could have finished but decided to continue. The semicolon has come to be a testament to the courage and strength of individuals who face emotional challenges, but continue on – ‘My story isn’t over yet’.   The clear crystal represents hope – the courage to...
    • Snowdogs of NL Bangle
    • $34.78 CAD
      Snowdogs of NL This special edition bangle was designed to honour the Snowdogs of Newfoundland and Labrador.  The teal, clear, and blue crystals represent the Northern Lights.  The snowflake charm represents snow that they love so dearly.   $5 from the sale of each bangle will go to support  North Atlantic Remote Vet Services in their continued mission to provide necessary veterinary...