Evil Eye Bracelet

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Evil Eye


The symbol, most often depicted as four concentric circles in the shape of an eye, is used to ward off variations of evil intentions.  It guards against misfortune happening in one's life.

The evil eye’s most popular colour is a deep blue.  However, many other colours have been added over the years. Here are some of the most popular colours today along with what they represent.

  • Blue evil eye
    • Offers one protection and good luck
    • Believed to have the power to deflect negative energy and protect against the "evil eye" of others
    • Is known for its calming and serene nature
  • Red evil eye
    • Gives more energy and enthusiasm 
    • Gives you courage
  • Purple evil eye: 
    • Removes obstacles in your path
    • Boosts your imagination
  • Orange evil eye:
    • Brings protection and happiness
    • Better concentration and sharpens the mind
  • Grey evil eye: 
    • Protects you from sorrow
    • Opens the mind to new situations 


This bracelet is handcrafted using natural gemstones and lava beads.  The crystals have been carefully sourced so they are not dyed.  Each bracelet will be infused with Reiki Energy before being shipped to you.  

Lava stones

  • are created when molten rock from a volcano cools and hardens.  Gases released produce small holes. 
  • These porous lava stones provide an excellent way to carry your essential oils with you. 
  • Simply add a few drops to the lava stones, wait for a few minutes for the oils to be absorbed, and enjoy.  The smell will last for the full day. 
** You can check out pictures of the charms on this page.