Customized Cufflinks

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Would you like a set of customized cufflinks created for a special person or for a special day?  We can create those for you! 

A few years ago, my nephew's fiance asked me to create cufflinks for the groomsmen in their bridal party.  My nephew is an avid hunter and even had a dog named Remington.  We created a set from Remington shotgun shells for Noah and the men who stood for him.  They were a great hit!

That started us on this product line.  We then started creating cufflinks to commemorate loved ones who could not be there on that special day!  We also create lapel pins to include loved ones who have passed on.  We are honoured to play a small role in making the day special.


This is the process:

  • You would select picture(s) that would be appropriate.
  • You would specify if you would like text included - some want this for the second cufflink - examples would include phrases such as 'Father of the Bride', 'I Do', Date, etc.
  • You would email the images, text, other pertinent information to:
  • We would take care of the rest: 

This would include:

  • enhancing images if needed
  • sizing images for cufflinks
  • printing images
  • preparing images for mounting (4 coats of Modge Podge to prevent colour bleeding)
  • mounting images
  • coating images with protective resin.  This takes around 3 days for the resin to completely cure.

I would recommend giving at least 3 weeks to complete this process, especially if shipping is required. 

You can contact me directly at if you have any questions or would like further information.