#NOHARM Pendant

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#NOHARM Pendant

This jewellery represents my personal commitment and life philosophy to do
no harm. No harm to myself and no harm to another.


The Teal crystal represents Courage – the courage to be real and change my story from violence to health.

The Blue crystal represents Vulnerability – the emotional strength to feel and celebrate my humanity.

The Clear crystal represents Thriving  - my hope and ability to turn darkness into light and to be the light for another.

Thank you for supporting #NOHARM


This #NOHARM Initiative was founded by Anthea Van Der Pluym, Denise Lowe, Darcy Patrick, Annie Tulk and Tracy Schmitt in hopes of ending violence and promoting a full recovery from it!

"Help us create a movement of people who love living in peace, inclusive of others, who create a world where we are safe and can heal from our cultural, physical and emotional fears."

Karlande is proud to support the #NOHARM Initiative to help to build a tribe of people committed to living life without harm. Wearing these bangles and pendants help empower us to express the emotional connections that we feel in our journey to health together.

If you are interested in supporting this initiative, please buy our jewellery and wear it with dignity.  If you would like to join #NOHARM, please click here.

If you would like to know more about how this initiative started, please read Anthea's Blog Post, The Catalyst for #NOHARM.