What Mother's Day Means ...

MOMS – moms who work outside the home; full-time moms who stay at home; moms who are married; moms who are single; moms who are step-parents; moms who foster precious children; moms who adopt; and moms who have no biological connection, but who play a vital role in the nurturing of our young.  I mean in no way to discredit the essential role of fathers in the lives of children.  Absolutely not! That's for another post. ☺️


Mother’s Day is one of those ‘special days’ when we stop to pay tribute to the amazing women who have played such a vital role in shaping our lives. 



Creative ways that will show Mom that you appreciate her:

  1. Cook a meal for her + clean up afterwards 😊
  2. Bake a yummy treat for your Mom - + clean up afterwards 😊
  3. Create a Powerpoint Presentation with pictures, quotes, special memories ❤
  4. Create a collage of pictures featuring your Mom with family members.
  5. Make a collection of coupons to share with her
    1. ‘This entitles you to … ‘a complimentary backrub’
    2. ‘This entitles you to …’a bath prepared with candles and your favourite bath products’
  6. Send her an email weekly to remind her how special she is. It doesn’t have to be long.  Share inspirational quotes, pictures, memories.  She will love it!

If you have any other creative ideas, we would love to hear from you :)  

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