Welcome to my update!

My journey around creating jewellery and connections has taken a winding path!

Years ago, when I was at a meeting with some ladies whose earrings I was admiring, I wished that I had some nice ones of my own. I always loved crafting of any kind, but making jewellery quickly developed into a passion. I had no idea how many lessons and victories I would have back then, but here’s a timeline of my experience.

I was interested in working with natural materials, and eventually purchased a tumbler so I could experiment with natural stones. One day, a student brought me in some beach glass, and once I started playing with it - I was hooked! This is where my obsession with collecting beach glass was born.

In my happy place!  Collecting beach glass on Magical Merasheen Island many years ago!

Fast forward a couple of years. I was retired from teaching high school students and went through a lengthy divorce. Beachcombing provided so much healing and comfort during that time of transition. The healing power of nature is incredible, and for me, evident in the fact that my ex-husband and I are now good friends.

Ever evolving, my jewellery making expanded to include items that could be found locally, as well as crystals that I purchased online. I loved these!

In 2009, I designed a cancer awareness bracelet with 20 Swarovski crystals to represent different forms of cancer. It was used in a campaign to raise funds for cancer care, which in the end raised $2.5 million. I made costly mistakes and learned many valuable lessons through this experience.

Hope Crystals Cancer Awareness Bracelet

My attention was focused on this bracelet but then expanded to other designs focused on Awareness and Appreciation using the Swarovski Crystals. I also started creating customized bridal and personal jewellery and continued to expand my Beach Glass Collection.

Then the pandemic hit!

I was not unlike other businesses who experienced dramatic loss of sales. Like other small businesses, it was an opportunity to step back and evaluate how my business could pivot to ‘weather the storm’ and continue to exist and eventually grow despite the challenges.

I’ve been very fortunate to have received financial help from the governments and support from some amazing people. I am so, so grateful.

That brings me to this time. A time I’ve used to tune into myself a little more and see if there is anything else I’d like to pursue in my craft. I have felt a strong pull to learn and share the healing properties of natural crystals and essential oils, while also wanting to reconnect with my roots in creating beach glass jewellery.

Chakra Crystals

I firmly believe that the potential for emotional and physical healing can be ‘rooted’ in connection to our natural environment. Wandering on beaches, hiking on trails, and listening to nature are among my favourite ways to get grounded’. I am sure that I am not the only one.

The more I learn about the metaphysical healing properties of natural crystals and the powerful benefits of naturally sourced essential oils, the more I felt in my heart that this would be the new direction of my business. It feels good to share the inner workings of my heart in this way, and I’m excited to start designing with all the beautiful natural stones you can imagine!

I want to take this time to invite you along on my journey as I learn and create jewellery that incorporates healing and support on a whole new level. Many of the designs I am working on will include lava beads, which can be dabbed with essential oils to enhance their metaphysical properties. And as always, they are lovingly handcrafted with the highest quality materials - great things are in store! (Pun intended)

I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest adventure!

Stay tuned!



During times like these, connection is even more important than ever. At Karlande Designs, we empower people to express the most meaningful connections in their lives through the jewellery they wear.

Please stay safe and don't hesitate to connect,

Andrea Sharpe
Founder of Karlande Designs


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