A truly touching story - for anyone who loves dogs! 🐶💍🐶

The first time I saw this quote was on a Facebook post.  My first reaction was to smile, but then I thought - oh my goodness, this is so true for me! 

What about you?

Dogs are amazing and special and loving and ....  I love dogs.  This picture is of my sweet, gentle rescue Roxie.  The jury is still out on who rescued whom.  

So ....

When I was contacted to create customized cufflinks and memory charms for a Holly and her future husband with images of their dogs, I was delighted and honoured.  They had two cherished dogs and were adding one more to their family unit just after the wedding.  

So ...

When Holly sent me the pictures from the wedding itself, I almost cried.  They were so touching.  The love that this couple have for each other and their precious dogs is heartwarming, genuine and deep.  I am grateful to have permission to share these pictures with you. 


The happy couple with their precious dogs!  

So ....

If you would ever want a customized item to help you honour a special person or event, please feel free to reach out and start a conversation.  

During times like these, connection is even more important than ever. At Karlande Designs, we empower people to express the most meaningful connections in their lives through the jewellery they wear.

Please stay safe and don't hesitate to connect,

Andrea Sharpe
Founder of Karlande Designs


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