Live & Learn

Have you ever used the expression – “Live and learn”? In what context?  Is it a good thing?  It could have been something has happened that you did not plan to happen, or you have discovered something that you did not know.  Sometimes this might be a good thing, sometimes not.  I have learned to adopt the philosophy that life is sometimes just like that – You learn from it and move on.  

AWe learn something from everyone who passes through our lives good friend just lost her husband.  It was sudden, unexpected, and she is struggling to come to terms with it.  When we talk about it, she will often look me in the eye and say, “It is what it is.”  She can verbalize this, but it will take her a long time to come to terms with it.  This is to be expected.  That is life.  

I recently viewed a talk featuring Bob Proctor, philosopher, author, and personal coach, and contributor to ‘The Secret’.  During the video, he quotes Michael Beckwith’s philosophy for handling what life throws at you.  In summary, this is his three-step approach to dealing with life’s challenges:

  • It is what it is, accept it.   It will either control you, or you will control it.
  • Harvest the good.  The more you look for the good, the more you will find it.
  • Forgive all the rest.
  • I believe that there is much wisdom in these words.  

    In 2008, when I retired from teaching, it occurred to me that I had been in school, either as a student or as a teacher for most of my life.  Does this make me an expert on ‘learning’?  Absolutely not!  Is school the only place we learn?  Absolutely not! I am a firm believer in the concept that it is critical that we maintain an open mind to absorbing knowledge from all of the people and situations we encounter.  Some of the best teachers in my life have been my students!

    In business, it is critical that we are open to learning, especially if we do not have the education and background to get us through the ‘speed bumps’ that get thrown in our paths.  We must find trusted advisers with the knowledge, expertise and skills that we lack.  NLOWE has been such an incredible source of support for so many women business owners. I also have discovered that other women business owners provide wonderful encouragement and advice for each other.

    Live each day to the fullest!  Accept the wisdom gained from life’s lessons, and never, never, never stop learning!

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